1st Time Home Buyer Amazed at Low Mortgage Payment


For the 2nd time this week we had the thrill of delivering keys to a 1st time home buyer. 

She actually squealed with delight upon hearing the news that her home had closed in escrow!  And that we were on our way to deliver the keys to her new home!

Never imagining she could qualify for a home, she was amazed that not only did she qualify, but that her:


new home payment,

including interest and taxes

would be less that $1,000 per month!


Helping First Time Home Buyers for 27 years.  We have programs for:

  • $0 Zero money down programs

  • Down payment grants

  • Down payment assistance

  • Closing cost assistance

  • Credit Repair


Gina Koehl

Just a phone call away is Gina Koehl

American Pacific Mortgage 425-274-2063.

  •        She can help you get started on the path to home ownership.
  •        If you need directions to improve your credit score – she can help!
  •        Give her a call today!



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Jess and Julie Lyda





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