Just Listed in Woodinville $325,000

Just Listed For Sale in Woodinville $325,000

Just Listed For Sale in Woodinville $325,000

With inventory so low you won’t want to miss this one!

  • The perfect starter home in a great neighborhood.
  • Livingroom with wood stove.  
  • Spacious kitchen with eating space.
  • Fully fenced yard.
19935 NE 175th St

Woodinville, Washington WA 98077

Click link for more photos:  http://theseattleteam.idxbroker.com/idx/details/listing/a045/903500/19935-NE-175th-St-Woodinville-WA-98077?widgetReferer=true

Just Listed in Edmonds – 4 Bedroom Rambler with Detached Garage!


  • With inventory so low you won’t want to miss this one!
  • Formal living and dining room with vaulted ceilings.
  •  Updated kitchen with breakfast bar.
  • Over sized family room with 10 foot ceilings
  • Sliders that open to covered deck and covered hot tub!
  •  Master suite with soaking tub, shower, dual vanity and walk-in closets.
  • Huge garage with workshop and storage.
  • Fully fenced.
  • 8015 – 219th St. S.W. in Edmonds.
  • Listed at $475,000.  Click on photo for more pictures.

Another Happy 1st Time Home Buyer

Another Happy 1st Time Home Buyer

We just delivered keys to another 1st time Snohomish County home buyer.  Amazingly their total out of pocket purchase costs were only $635.00!

Another Happy 1st Time Home Buyer

They were able to utilize the Washington State Housing Commission grant program for their entire down payment and closing costs.

This is a great program for those that need help with down payment and closing costs.

They put down a $1,000 earnest money deposit with their offer and received $365.00 back at closing!

If you would like to know more about this amazing program, just give us a call.

We have been showing home buyers how to achieve the dream of home ownership for 27 years.  Let us show you how.  Call TODAY! 425-487-3001.


1st Time Home Buyer Amazed at Low Mortgage Payment


For the 2nd time this week we had the thrill of delivering keys to a 1st time home buyer. 

She actually squealed with delight upon hearing the news that her home had closed in escrow!  And that we were on our way to deliver the keys to her new home!

Never imagining she could qualify for a home, she was amazed that not only did she qualify, but that her:


new home payment,

including interest and taxes

would be less that $1,000 per month!


Helping First Time Home Buyers for 27 years.  We have programs for:

  • $0 Zero money down programs

  • Down payment grants

  • Down payment assistance

  • Closing cost assistance

  • Credit Repair


Gina Koehl

Just a phone call away is Gina Koehl

American Pacific Mortgage 425-274-2063.

  •        She can help you get started on the path to home ownership.
  •        If you need directions to improve your credit score – she can help!
  •        Give her a call today!



 Ready to get started?  Call us today!

Jess and Julie Lyda





Another Happy 1st Time Home Buyer

Today we closed a home for another happy 1st time home buyer!  What is amazing is that it only cost them $108.00.  Yes, you read that right!  They were happy to find out they qualified for a down payment grant that provided their entire down payment.  When they made their offer, they included a $2,000 earnest money deposit.  Today they received $1,892.00 back at closing!

First Time Home Buyer It’s time to quit paying rent and buy your own home!  These grant programs are designed specifically for those that make less than $100,000 per year, to encourage homeownership. 

We’ve been showing buyers how to achieve the dream of homeownership for 27 years – let us show you how!  Call us today 425-487-3001.

5 Crazy Facts About the Seattle Real Estate Market You Need to Know


These 5 Crazy Facts about the Seattle Real Estate Market are continuing to be the latest hot topics in the media.  


# 1 Crazy Fact: Historic Low Inventory. 

First up is the crazy low amount of inventory.  The amount of residential homes for sale are actually at the lowest number of units since the Northwest Multiple Listing Service has been keeping records for over the last 15 years. 

King County Active Listing Supply January 2015

King County Active Listing Supply January 2015


# 2 Crazy Fact: Sales Outstripping New Supply for Last 3 Years.

We’ve been reporting this phenomenon since we ran the numbers in October 2012 for our blog article:  Critcial Housing Shortage on the Horizon.  With the exception of a few months during the summer, new sales continue to outstrip new supply coming on the market to meet the demand.  This puts continued upward pressure on home prices.

King County New Listings v New Pendings January 2015

King County New Listings v New Pendings January 2015


#3 Crazy Fact: Price are up a Whopping 30% Since the Bubble Burst.

Remember the implosion of the Seattle real estate market when the bubble burst?  Home values dropped over a period of about 5 years, a shocking 36% from peak to bottom.  Most home values have recovered in just 3 short years and we will most likely push through that peak sometime this year.

King County Avg Home Prices January 2015

King County Avg Home Prices January 2015


#4 Crazy Fact:  Sales Volumes are Normal.

What?  Really?  How could that be when inventory is so tight?  When we look at the historical annual sales volumes in units, we clearly see we are are at normal volumes prior to the bubble burst.  The volume of home sales during the peak of the bubble were not sustainable numbers because there were folks buying homes that shouldn’t have been.  These are the homes that ended up in foreclosure or short sale.

King County Annual Home Sales Volume 1999 - 2014

King County Annual Home Sales Volume 1999 – 2014


#5 Crazy Fact:  The Foreclosure Market Has Dried Up.

It’s true.  The days of picking up great foreclosure deals are a thing of the past.  Sure there are still a few around, but the amount coming on the market are now back to pre-bubble days.  Volume is now back to 2008 and continues to drop.

King County Foreclosures January 2015

King County Foreclosures January 2015


Keep up with the latest housing statistics for King and Snohomish County, we have new charts posted monthly at www.TheSeattleTeam.com



You Think The Seahawks Are Hot! Wait Until You Read The Seattle Real Estate Forecast for 2015


If you think the Seattle Seahawks are hot, just wait until you see the headlines in the coming months about the Seattle real estate market.  You’ll be reading Headlines like:

  • “Serious Housing Shortage Pushes Home Prices Higher”

  • “Buyers Frustrated With Multiple Offers”.  

Deja vu?  It’s coming again.

For nearly three years homes have been selling faster than new inventory coming on to meet the demand.  This means we have an even lower inventory of homes to choose from than last year.  Last summer we got a little relief from that trend, but certainly not enough to meet demand.  This has been going on since October 2011.

King County New Listings v New Pendings December 2014

King County New Listings v New Pendings December 2014

For a healthy Seattle market we need inventory to be closer to 5,000 units.  But today we have just about 1/2 of that.  This is the lowest number of homes for sale ever, or at least since the Multiple Listing Service has been keeping records.  

Currently home sales are at a healthy pace, but with the imbalance of available homes for sale and new listings coming on the market to meet demand, we could run out of inventory.

King County Active Listing Supply December 2014

King County Active Listing Supply December 2014

This will be an excellent market for home sellers to get top dollar for their home.  There will be serious upward pressure on home prices and multiple offers.  2015 will be the year that we blow past the record high prices during the peak of the bubble in 2007.  Accurate pricing will be crucial and the market will cause Appraisal issues, or a Delay of Game, or worse a Turn-Over – you  may lose the deal.  Giving more importance in working with experienced agents.

King County Avg Home Prices December 2014

King County Avg Home Prices December 2014

With interest rates now below 4%,  it is making it an even better time to buy a home.  Buyers are going to want to get in on these historically low interest rates before they go up – the big question is this:   Will they be able to find a home?  We work with the top lenders in the area with great programs for home buyers and first time home buyers.  It will be very important to have all your financing lined up before you go House-Hunting and we know how to make you look good against those multiple offers!  Because those multiple offers go into Over Time and you want to come out on the winning side in the end!

If you know someone who is looking to buy or sell and can benefit from 27 years of dedication and experience, forward this article to them or have them give us a call!   With a challenging market like today, now is the time when experience counts.   Jess and Julie Lyda 425-487-3001.

King County Market Update

King County Real Estate Market: The Sweet and Sour with Hot Sauce


Today we will look at 3 fundamentals in the King County real estate market.  We will cover the “Sweet Spot” first.  This is sales volume.  Sales volume has hit a sweet spot, meaning we are near average norms in terms of the number of home selling each month.  Looking back 15 years, we can see that during typical selling seasons, between 1,500 – 2,000 homes sell each month.  We can also see during the “bubble” years sales were artifically high and during the “bubble burst” sales volumes were unusually low.

The chart below shows us we’ve been in the “sweet spot” for sales volume for the last 2 years.


Today’s lack of available homes for sale is the “Sour Spot”.  King County home prices are rising rapidly due to supply and demand.  Lack of supply and strong demand.  We did see an increase of homes for sale in April, but not enough to bring us into a healthy level of inventory.  We really need to have another 1,000 homes come on the market to meet demand and cool down rising prices.


Prices are rising rapidly.  Buyers are losing out on multiple offers.  We are seeing homes being bid up $10,000 – $100,000 over asking price!

King County average home prices are up 42% since they bottomed out February 2012, just two short years ago! The average home price then was $376,716, today it is up to $535,438.  Average days on the market has also dropped nearly 50% from 84 days to 44 days.


At this point making any predictions for the housing market is setting yourself up.  But we can say what we need to see happen… more inventory!  We did see a net rise of 283 listings for April, lets hope the trend continues!

The Simple Tricks to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

As a homeowner, you can play an important part in the timely sale of your property.

When you take the following steps, you’ll help sell your home faster, at the best possible price.

Sometimes an investment of a few hundred dollars can payoff in the thousands! A home that shows exceptionally well helps arouse the prospects’ emotional desire to buy more quickly and at a better price.

What Can a Seller Do to Make a Buyer Fall in Love with Their Home?

A modern living roomThink about it… Builders will spend thousands of dollars to “stage” a model home properly.

They do this for good reason. Buyers buy the “perceived value” of the property… the image and feeling that they get from experiencing the property. 

It’s often said that Buyers “buy on emotion” AND IT’S TRUE! – 

To Learn More helpful tips and tricks, click here and learn what we do to get our Sellers TOP DOLLAR FOR THEIR HOME!

Seattle Housing Prices on the Rise

Seattle Housing Crunch Continues as Home Prices Escalate

Have you been out home shopping lately?  If you have, you understand the challenges facing home buyers in the Seattle real estate market.  While the media keeps saying inventory is rising,  the numbers do not support this reality.

As a matter of fact in March for King County there was only a net increase of 85 new listings to choose from and in Snohomish County only 21.

This is doing nothing to help alleviate the serious shortage of available homes to buy.  A healthy inventory should be between 4,000 – 6,000 listings.  However, we remain at an anemic level 3,258.  We need at least another 1,000 listings to come on the market to get to a healthy supply level.

Home prices are heavily influenced by supply and demand.  While the spring home buying season heats up and demand grows watch for prices to continue their rise.